Privacy Statement
Amended August 18, 2005

Capital Software, Inc., in an effort to provide consistently safe and secure on-line services to both its clients and users abroad, has developed a policy governing the rights of said users in regard to personal privacy.  The terms of this policy are discussed below. 

I.       Voluntary Participation

II.      Usage of Personal Information

III.     Dissemination of Personal Information

IV.     Amendments to this Policy

V.      Acceptance of Privacy Practices

I. Voluntary Participation:
All user participation on this website is strictly voluntary and shall be treated as such at all times. This agreement is reciprocal; Capital Software, Inc. will assume no commitment and/or liability other than what is explicitly stated for the item or items in question.

II. Usage of Personal Information:
Personal information collected by the Capital Software, Inc. will be used only for the precise purpose for which it was obtained and will not be used for any other purposes. This includes but is not limited to “Cookies” or other means of electronic personalization.

III. Dissemination of Personal Information:
Under no circumstance will the Capital Software, Inc. disseminate personal information for the purposes of monetary profit or other measurable gain. This would include the selling, leasing or trading of information deemed personal to a user. As prescribed by law, however, personal information may be released to law enforcement agencies should circumstances warrant such action.

IV. Amendments to this Policy
Capital Software, Inc. reserves the right to make amendments to this policy, should circumstances warrant.

V. Acceptance of Privacy Practices
By using this Web site you signify your acceptance of our privacy statement, and you adhere to the terms and conditions posted herein.