Capital Applications will deliver:

Capital Software offers many  different products and services to our clients.  Below is a listing of many of the products and services we offer as well as links to individual product websites.  Remember to please contact us with any questions.
Billing Efficiency Automation
Office Automation

Summit Billing

Jim Wisener


Capital's approach is always about solving the new obstacles we face as our organization grows.  I like the fact that they push themselves creatively to stay ahead of our needs.  They are respectful of the time sensitive nature of our business and design solutions that put us in control of the process.  It feels more like a partnership with a teammate.


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Key Benefits

  • Experience
  • True Windows Power
  • Easy Internet Integration
  • Open Standards
  • Investment Protection
  • Crystal Reports Integration
  • Easy to Learn
  • History that Delivers Answers


The leading Real & Personal Property Tax billing software to include import and billing wizards and hands free printing.  The Tax Bill sets the standards for tax billing and collection automation.

A scalable and reliable utility and sub metering solution that integrates a repeatable process with customer friendly Internet functions.  Used for Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric and miscellaneous services.

A single source solution tracking an unlimited number of license types as well as earning based taxes such as gross receipts tax, payroll tax and sales tax.  Amazing and consistent results.


Superior, efficient billing and collection capabilities - Capital's real-time calculation process, flexible rate formulas, online access, one button delinquent processing and multiple automated payment interfaces ensure efficient use of staff time while increasing collection rates and accurate audits.


For about a dollar a day, automatically protect your critical information with the likes of companies as Sony, Pfizer, GE and  This is a must for any sound individual or organization.