Project Management

Capital Software refuses to take a chance with your success.  The minute you become a client, a project manager is assigned to you.  This individual's sole purpose is to provide clarity to your project and ensure you are operational in the agreed upon timeline.  The project manager establishes all key dates with you, ensures they are adhered to and reports to you with progress reports of the tasks at hand.  Depending upon the size of your project, the project manager may be onsite at your location overseeing facets of the project such as data conversion and training to ensure the highest level of quality and clarity are available to you.


The key phrase attached to Capital Software training is "Empower the user."  Our style of concept-based training (learning from the inside out) has had a tremendous impact on the overall successful client experience.  Whether training is performed onsite, online or in our classroom, the content that every user learns is consistent.  Following complete "How to" training guides, each user learns why the software behaves the way it does.  This empowerment creates a better-informed user and someone who will enjoy interacting with the software.  Capital has found that these users are also more active in the improvement process of the software because they take ownership of the programs and want to see them grow.  This is the positive impact of Capital's concept-based training.

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