Summit Billing


Jim Wisener


Capital's approach is always about solving the new obstacles we face as our organization grows.  I like the fact that they push themselves creatively to stay ahead of our needs.  They are respectful of the time sensitive nature of our business and design solutions that put us in control of the process.  It feels more like a partnership with a teammate.


Through our evaluation, we liked the fact that Capital demonstrated a higher level of interest in our operations than other vendors.  To me, that explained why they have such a high customer retention rate.  We were spinning off a billing services organization and Capital invested "home work" time looking for opportunities to streamline our operations.  While other vendors offered billing software, Capital built a full solution around their billing software to include an automatic and integrated customer internet portal, a hands free bill print solution and automatic offsite disaster recovery automation.  Because Capital did their home work, we were able to minimize our overhead expenses and gain a competitive advantage over our competitors.  That is the kind of attention we were hoping to find from our software provider. 


I have no doubt that as our organization grows, Capital will offer a stable and versatile solution.


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