The Tax Bill®  – Real and Personal Property Tax Billing

Widely acknowledged as the leader in property tax billing automation, The Tax Bill® is a versatile application.  It automates the process of converting a property assessment into a billing statement to a concise series of repeatable steps.  The Tax Bill® ushered in many industry firsts such as Mortgage company integration and Internet Payment solutions. The Tax Bill® enjoys dynamic calculation flexibility, which allows it to operate in all 50 states and internationally. SQL® Searches and Queries– Allow user to define or modify any search criteria in the software and save the search to reuse.

The Tax Bill® includes Real and Personal Property Tax Billing technology with a comprehensive list of client support services including concept based training, complete "How to" documentation and Toll Free phone assistance to ensure your comfort level.

With over 100 installations in less than 7 years, Capital's The Tax Bill® is regarded as the best and most user friendly mid-market solution in the industry.  Invest in what you need!  Capital provides solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Top 5 Differences vs. Competitors 

  1. Capital eliminates cumbersome tasks that hinder the ability of the prospect to efficiently bill and collect much needed revenue.  It’s all about being able to capture the money as easily as possible.
  2. Comprehensive support, Concept Based Training and detailed documentation guarantee user confidence and accelerate learning curves.
  3. Capital’s efficient and versatile software enables Managers to maximize their human and financial resources.
  4. Management enjoys that Capital’s reports can easily deliver what they need to know.
  5. Capital’s data is ready to share and play nice with other products, which maximizes your investment.

Clients are able to apply and track just about any assessment or flat-based service for an account such as the following:

  • Real Estate

  • Exemptions

  • Motor Vehicle

  • Equipment

  • Inventory

  • Machine

  • Intangible Property

  • Watercraft

  • Fire Districts

  • Special Districts

  • Various Flat Charge line items

  • And many more services.

In addition take look at this comparison of Tax Billing. Click here for PDF document.

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